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Self-Publishing Process

Self-publishing can seem like a daunting task. However, if broken down into simple steps it is much more manageable. Check out my Resources page for some free downloadable forms to help you stay on track for your publishing date.


I have sought out some of the most talented designers to work with on your next project. Let me save you the time and hassle of coordinating multiple vendors. You'll receive the highest quality work at affordable prices.


Standard Word document up to 400 pages

  • ePub & mobi  $35

  • Print  $35

  • eBook & Print $50

Do you have a longer book, a complicated layout, or lots of graphics? Contact me and I will give you a personalized quote.

Cover Design

  • eBook (Front cover only) starting from $80

  • Print (Front, Back and Spine) starting from $100

Check out the Resources page for the Cover Analysis and Cover Checklist. Handy tools to help you envision your cover.

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